Company introduction


Anhui NongWang Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd

Anhui NongWang Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd which established in 2004 is currently one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers which specialized on development and production of new high-boron contents fertilizer in China. Covering an area of 13333m2, we have an 12296m2workshop and a 2000m2 R&D building. With 4 production lines and 4 filling lines, our output can reach 30 thousand tons per year. We also set the laboratory of chemical analysis & quality monitoring and the laboratory of round type pelletizing. At present, our production lines are mainly producing 3 kinds of our own products: Instant Leaf Spray Boron Fertilizer (disodium decaborate, disodium octaborate), Round Type Pellet Soil Basic Boron Fertilizer and Liquid Boron. We also own 10 registered trademarks for our products. By this time, we have built long-term cooperation with many listed companies and agricultural materials chain stores and we’ve been providing high quality Boron products and services for long time. Now, we are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

  • Production Base12000m2Square Meter
  • R & D building2000 m2Square Meter
  • Annual output30000+Ton
  • Micro fertilizer products20+Remaining Species
  • Annual production scale8000+Above Tons

High quality raw materials, scientific ingredients

At present, our company has self-researched and developed 3 kinds of fertilizers with self-intellectual properties; those are instant leaf spray boron fertilizer, named sodium tetraborate decahydrate (Patent No. ZL200510130974.2, soil basic boron fertilizer, named round type pellet boron fertilizer (Patent No. CN200910116214.4) and super instant polymerization of boron potassium (Patent No. CN200910116215.9); and also developed more than 20 series high efficiency and instant products such as polymerization boron, instant boron and SA Le boron by using sodium tetraborate decahydrate as main raw materials; basic and specialized boron products such as Strong Boron, More Boron, Turkish Borax, Boron and Zinc,

High quality products

These series products are appointed as professional extension products and recommended to the society by Sino-agro Seed Co. of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The annual production scale is more than 8,000 tons and expanding. In terms of R&D in new products, our company has established extension network at provincial, county and village levels for fine quality products in the fast and favorite ways.

Professional supplier of high-quality boron fertilizer

Our company now is the professional supplier of fine quality boron fertilizer for dragon head agricultural companies such as Yuanlongpin Stock Shared Co. Ltd. Of Agricultural High-tech (High Basic Boron Contents Series), Yahua Seed Co. Ltd. in Hunan province (Kaia Boron Series), Xiyangyang Agricultural Materials Chain Co. Ltd. (UN Series), Nongjiafu Co.Ltd. Of Anhui Huishang Group (Bossa Series), Ruifengda Agricultural Materials Co. Ltd. in Hubei province (Sa Le Series), Guoguang Agricultural Co. Ltd. in Sichuan Province, Xinda Co. Ltd. In Xinjiang, Hongtaiyang Group in Nanjing and Niannianfu Modern Agriculture Co. Ltd. in Anhui province (You Sa Series) etc., even the supplier of boron fertilizer procurement for county

Also, our Company has registered 14 trademarks such as “Polymerization Boron”, “More Boron”, “Strong Boron”, “Boron and Zinc”, “Kuai Ke Jia”, “Polymerization of Boron and Potassium”, “Full Pellets”, “Ke Li Peng”, “Sa Le”, “Kenny”,
“Bossa”, “You Sa”, “Double Buds” and “NW” and rights of use have been protected by national law.

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